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What to Do with ALL of Those Shells??

One of the most fun things to do when visiting the beach (at least for me!) is searching for shells and sea treasures! My sister and I have collected SO many shells over the years and it's always a challenge to figure out how to use them. My husband continuously tells me I have enough but seriously....can you really have "enough"?? It's the thrill of the hunt for me...and once I find them I can't just leave them there! :) I have started trying to be a little more selective about my collections because let's face it, I do only have so much room, but there's just no way I can take a beach walk and not pick up a treasure on the sand. So, this blog is going to be about creative ways to use those special little shells and maybe you have some of your own you'd like to share too! Leave a comment and photos of your projects...I'd love to see them!

The easiest way to display them is to pile them into a cool container. I found a large authentic sea sponge at a local antique store several years ago and filled it with some larger shells along with a few small handmade fishing floats (maybe someday I'll do a how-to blog about those!). It's simple to put together, just stack them in there placing your favorites near the top and that's all there is to it! It makes an awesome centerpiece! I also have them stacked in bowls, boxes and buckets. Another really simple display idea is just placing them on window ledges. They're pieces of natural art....adding texture and memories to your home.

However, if you feel like getting crafty with your beach treasures...there are lots of great options for that too! I created some 3D wall art just using smaller shells, burlap and picture frames (see first image above). Super simple...just take out the glass, cut the burlap to the size of the picture frame insert, glue it down using craft glue or rubber cement, then add shells, starfish, sea glass, heart stones (or whatever beach treasures you love!) with a little bit of hot glue and you're done! I grouped certain types/sizes of shells together but you can arrange them any way you like - no rules! My sister, who has her own shop (@thethriftybeachbums - visit her business page on Facebook!) has SO many fun ideas for using shells and driftwood. I'll attach some photos of the projects she's created and sold below. **Her shop is located at the Wizard of Odds in North Jackson, Ohio. Currently, she doesn't ship large items but she may consider shipping smaller ones. If interested, contact her on her Facebook business page.

So in conclusion, finding a purpose for all of your beach treasures doesn't have to be anything fancy - just display and enjoy them! If you don't live near the beach it will evoke the best memories and help you through those long dreary winters and if you're lucky enough to live near the beach, then you're lucky enough! :) Always keep in mind that displaying shells in a coastal vacation rental is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to add decor that will make your guests feel like they're truly on vacation! I'll leave you with one last thought...

Always on beach time,


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i collected some shells from the outer banks one year. i bought a shallow glass bowl, put sand in it, and arranged some of the shells on top of the sand. it sat on my coffee table in my living room, on my grandmother’s cream colored doily. i loved it.

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