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/Importance of design

Why is it important to create a welcoming well decorated space for your guests?  The simple answer is you're going to get more bookings and earn more money.  When potential guests are searching for a rental they're usually scanning through hundreds of photos before making a selection.  You want to catch their attention with tastefully decorated rooms that end their search and convince them to click the "reserve now" button because they will look at your home and envision themselves making vacation memories there! When you hire me to work with you I'll look at your space through the eyes of a potential guest and help you with selections that will turn an average vacation home into one that will make a lasting impression and keep them coming back year after year.   Most importantly, let's not forget the incredible reviews they will post on your listing and who knows, you may even make some new friends along the way!  Some sample boards below show how pillows, area rugs, artwork, coastal accessories, window treatments, and even furniture placement can make a really big difference!  (Click on an image to enlarge) 

Before Redesign

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