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Annette K Dunlap

Thank you for visiting my website!  I'm an interior decorator/designer who specializes in shoppable coastal design boards for your beach home/rental - customized to fit your own unique style and budget. I earned my diploma from the Interior Design Institute and I've worked in the design field for over 15 years.

I've always loved the beach but I think I became passionate about it when I was 10 years old and visited Maine with my mom and sister. The salty ocean breeze and sound of the somehow just felt like home to me.  Fast forward to my 20's and a honeymoon on the beautiful island of St. Martin, hello palm trees and turquoise waters of the Caribbean!  I was in love with the laid back tropical vibe.  Since then, we've visited many different island locations and have taken family vacations to Delaware every summer for over 25 years.  The coast definitely has my heart and I'm always looking for the perfect place to stay when we visit (until we can someday get a beach house of our own!). 


Which brings me to why I decided to focus my E-design business on coastal vacation homes.  There are a lot of incredible beach houses but sometimes it's a bit of a struggle trying to find one that gives me that home away from home feeling.  I think we're all looking for that special unforgettable place that makes us feel like we want to stay there forever, even if we can only stay for a week.  I want to help make all of your vacation rentals one of those unforgettable places...where memories are made and families can't wait to go Back to the Beach!


Mom and Dad.jpg
killian & dunlap family (DE2013)_edited.

Delaware 2013

Those smiles

say it all!

Mom & Dad loved

going to the beach

with us.

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